• What story or character(s) will you portray with your project?
  • A teenager who discovers the mystery of a faceless person.
  • How will the environment contribute to the image? Where will you need to go?
  • It gives the viewer a chill of what’s going on in the darkness. The setting will be in a dark place that contributes to the story.
  • What props or costumes will you use?
  • A hoodie and chains.
  • Who will you photograph? What will their body language portray?
  • Nari and a few friends outside of school that will be performing different actions.
  • How do the photos you have taken so far work with this theme?
  • It shows how it all started with a normal teenager living a normal day till she discovers a unexplainable mystery.
  • What are some photos you need to take to finish your collection? Where should we go to take these photos?
  • The same spot to finish what was started and after school photos will be taken to add too the story over night to give a dark concept.

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