silhouette project ideas

  • Brainstorm project ideas for our conceptual vector silhouette project
  • Create a new blog post with the following (this will count as a 10 point homework grade, so be sure to fulfill all requirements):
    • A written description of your concept. Not sure what to write? Start by answering these questions, but make sure your final blog post is written in paragraph form:
      • What social issue will you illustrate?
      • Crime and Drugs one of the biggest social issues in America
      • If this is currently a contentious issue, what side/argument of this issue will your artwork portray?
      • This art work will show how this issue grows and the starting point of it. This piece will portray the people that are influence by this action to becoming the problem.
      • What imagery (figures, environment, props/accessories) will your artwork contain?
      • This piece will show a little boy with a vison of himself as he gets older while looking at his father.
      • What will be happening in your artwork?
      • I will be using a child on the side while watching his dad dealing with these issues of drugs and in the child’s brain it will show a vision of him doing the same when he gets older.
    • A sketch of your planned design (you will later trace over this in Illustrator, so be sure to add the appropriate amount of detail)

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