These photos have a black and white contrast to show the dark setting of the story. It portrays a normal teenage girl that soon discovers a character in a hoodie with no face. The more she looks deeper into what’s going on she finally realizes that its a lost sid of herself. The setting combines with the black and white contrast makes it look like that the story is in a dark and lonely place. The hoodie itself gives that weird look when the person in it has no face. The body language of the normal teenager shows the viewer that she’s looking deeper to find out who this person in the hoodie truly is. Some of these photos are taken at low angles and some are at higher angles with less value of light in the inside and a high value of light outside of the gates. I used a digital camera and took those photos for editing using photo shop to give that black and white contrast. The process wasn’t so bad,all of these photos were cropped to get rid of the extra space that wasn’t needed, I changed the value of the light to make it darker so the last step of the editing process can pop out more which was the black and white contrast to give that dark look in the photo. The idea came from a good friend of mine that does photography himself and we also do some photography outside of school as well. My work is about a young teenage girl that soon discovers a dark and lost side of herself, which shows a person in a dark hoodie with no face. The faceless person expresses as the young girl that is a lost person who is having trouble finding who she is and what she wants to do in life. I want my viewers to feel that people at a young age go through a lot as life goes on. We learn, we grow , we become who we never knew who we could be. I want the viewer to see what the faceless character means, the faceless character expresses a person that doesn’t no who they are as a person but as the girl starts to look deeper, it helps her find herself and what she wants to do in her life. I learned that different angles and settings can help get its point across and what its expressing. I thought my piece could use a little more creativity and effort. Next time a project comes along ill look back at this and see what things i need to improve on so i can make my vision my clear. The story to me was written out as i planned. What i felt that needed work was my creativity, different camera angles and also the ammount of effort i couldve put into this piece.


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