silhouette red

My artwork looks like a man thats inserting a needle in his arm. The subject matter of this piece is vector desin. The story talks about a man thats under the influence of illegal drug us. The body language helps show what kind of drugs he is performing by the way his body is sitting on the chair, how his arms are positioned and the needle he’s injecting in his arm. The elements of body language and the outlines of the arms are most obvious in this vector design. Growing up i’ve seen a lot of illegal us in the enviornment i used to live in as a child. When i was first introduced to this project the very first idea that came in mind was drug us because its a very big problem in America its self,drugs can lead to alot of things mostly death or being really sick. My artwork is about illegal drug us and thats its wrong for yourself,others,young kids,the enviornment,health and influnce. A adiction like this can really take over a life such as this man in the design, as you can see the man is alone and has nothing which means he’s lost mostly everything except his life which is why he’s still there.  As people look at this lonely man i want them to step into the mans shoes and picture themselve in the same position.What it feels like having your life taking over by something you can avoide of even find help for. I want this to spread awarness even to young kids that are around this sort of action, letting them know that it hurts yourself in many ways espeically ata young age. To create this image i’ve used adobie illistrature for this vector design. First I was required to draw my idea,then take a picture of my drawing put it into the copmputer,cropped out unneeded space, i filled in my character little by little including the chair. And finally i made my outline for my arms so its not blending in with the black shirt. The experience was a little difficult itself and took a lot of patients. I learned about filling in the subject and the outlining which was new for me because i never did anything like this before. The idea that came to me is similar of how it came out because i wanted to add more things to it but i then came up with a new  idea that would fit which is making the man alone to help tell my story. The drawing and the idea was pretty good but i felt like it really wasnt enough into it. What i couldve done to make this piece better was to add more to my concept. Overall i love going through new experinces and trying new things even though it can be frustating at times i learned a lot and thats all that matters to me so for the next time ill know what to adjust on.


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