Infographic Artist Statement



My piece is a Infographic poster that has a list by list examples of the most iconic sneakers in fashion culture History. This infographic contains contrast,plenty of spacing,and data with information.Who or what inspired your artwork? My love and desire to learn and interact more with the fashion culture.My love and interest in fashion .My favorite artist in hip hop and even athletes in sports inspire me to me a lot of people have their own collection ,visions,designs and ideas that to me makes the culture more exciting cause you’ll never know who you’ll meet and whats coming back to life or whats new fashion is just all over the place. My artwork is about putting the reader behind the scenes and giving the person and others about what they have on them. Every piece of clothing wear has a background on the material,the idea of the style and the designer. This Infographic is more for the people who have that love for fashion,i want my readers to get a feel of other brands and clothing lines,because some people just stick to one specific brand.I want my readers to take interest in other brand. To create my infographic i went on the internet to dig deeper into the brands i choose even though i know most of the info. Then i choose my colors to put in my piece but its not just random colors these colors are my favorite color ways in most of these brands. Then i placed the logos to go with the information given. By creating this piece i learned even more than i already knew in fashion, i learned the ideas of these brands and how they came to be and i also learned the hardships of making these brands becoming successful along the way. This project didn’t go as planned but im satisfied. I wanted this peice to have the shoes but there was just not enough space. The only this i really wanted to come out well was the information in my infograpic. To make it better i wouldve added more space and add more things in the background then just plan colors.


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