Artist Statement 3/18

  • My art work has a family of greek zodiac signs filled inside a rectangular shape as a book mark. The subject was based on what is important or favorite things in our life. This piece contains most space between the different shapes and symboles of the zodiac signs,however this work does not contain color. Inventor is the main tool i uesd to complete my work. from sketching our idea on paper to making it able to hold it in your hands. The process was a very frustrating, taking the correct measures was a important step creating the rectangle.The most frustrating was tracing the shapes using line and spline tools when the lines either were far from where they should be and having to restart which was a few times.What inspired me to create this piece was how much family is important to me and thats what the subject about and was the very first thing that came to my head. This is about my family and the importance of it and by showing that i used greek zodiac signs based on each of my families birthday. I want people to see that there are different ways to represent something that means soemthing to you by putting things together and just being creative with your idea. What i learned from this is how to you different line tools,putting everything together,creating 2D work and how frustrating it could be. For once the final piece did come out as imagined because the zodiac signs all came together making some nice spaces in between with peftect form. The things i could have done better was creating better use of my time,But i think that the rest of my work all came along really nice overall.

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